GPOA Summer 2024 Meeting

The summer meeting of the GPOA is scheduled for June 3, 2024 in Orringer Hall at 5:30 pm. Members will be asked to vote on the revised bylaws. GPOA Bylaws Proposed 05-23-24.

Why does the city ask that you remove your grass clippings and other yard debris from the street?


Mailboxes, Mailboxes, Mailboxes

The United States Post Office has issued new standards for mailbox posts.  Essentially, the post must be a bit taller now and set back from the road a bit more.  This will make it easier for postal employees to reach the boxes from their trucks and make the box less likely to wreak havoc on the postal van’s mirror because the box won’t be as close to the road.

Two more side benefits: careless drivers will be less likely to plow into your mailbox and our Pony Express Delivery personnel will be less likely to almost fall out of their cars when delivering to those low-down mailboxes that are out there! (You know who you are!)

Current mailboxes are grandfathered in but when the time comes to update your mailbox, you must follow the new guidelines.

We have posted the new guidelines at Mailbox Guideline.

Take a good hard look at your mailbox.  Maybe it’s time to replace it, replace those numbers on BOTH sides that are no longer reflective, paint or stain it, put the shelf in the news box back in place so you can receive GPOA announcements. Trim those bushes that are encroaching on it like that monster plant in the play, Little Shop of Horrors.

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