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Every year in May an event occurs that brings all of us in Greenbrier a great deal of pride, The Emerald Golf Club joins the PGA of America and the United States Golf Association to host Patriot Golf Day®. The money raised at this event sponsors educational scholarships for children and spouses of military service men and women killed or wounded while serving our great nation.

In the first ten years of hosting Patriot Golf Day®, The Emerald has raised $257,500.

Please help this worthy cause by sending in a tax-deductible donation.  Make checks payable to: “Folds of Honor Foundation” and send to: The Emerald Golf Club, PO Box 12341, New Bern, NC 28561. Tax ID #75-3240683

Mark your calendar for Saturday, May 30, 2020 to attend the 11th annual Patriot Golf Day® at The Emerald Golf Club.  Go for just the patriotic Opening Ceremony or go for the whole day as a part of a golf team or just as a spectator.  You will be glad you did.

The Patriot Golf Day® Event Committee at The Emerald Golf Club:

Jerry Briele252-233-4440
John & Michele Cole252-635-9215
Rick Crosby252-635-1893
Lois Damico252-633-1626
MaryJo Fox440-478-6796
Russ Hackett252-876-8077
Melinda Mantel330-812-4321
Karen Mincavage252-639-0462
Kathy Petrichko252-288-4640

252 633 4440 ext. 228

Highlights of Winter 2019 General Membership Meeting

The Winter Meeting was held at Orringer Auditorium on Sunday, November 17, 2019, presided over by Rhona Beadle, president of the GPOA.

The first major announcement was that the membership for 2019 has set a record with 510 members. This number includes current residents as well as residents who paid dues and moved away or passed away. This breaks the record of 501 members set in 2010.

Mandy Chew, Board Secretary established that the quorum had been met be those in attendance and proxy votes. This allowed the meeting to accept the Minutes from the August 2019 Summer Membership meeting and vote to the accept the budget for 2020.

Rhona reviewed the GPOA’s accomplishments for 2019:

  1. Web-Site was updated. Soon its name will change to greenbriernc.org
  2. Parkway Island Wall was rebuilt and landscaping of the island is completely refurbished
  3. Irrigation of Bear Park, including a faucet and timers on solar power, was completed
  4. Installation of benches in Bear Park, which had been slated for completion in 2018 was delayed due to difficulty of getting contractors to lay cement slabs due to all the work the contractors were doing following Hurricane Florence. Wooden platforms have been installed a compromise.
  5. Increased Membership
  6. Disaster Preparedness Planning
  7. No Solicitation Policy
  8. Park Access Restriction from dusk to dawn
  9. Reviewed & Updated ACC Guidelines for mailboxes, fences, and signs
  10. Increased Architectural Covenants Committee membership so each section in Greenbrier now has its own representative
  11. Streamlined Architectural Covenants Committee Complaint Process. If you wish to lodge a complaint, you must complete a form.
  12. Catalogued Items in Storage Unit

Next, Geoffrey Smith reviewed the 2019 budget vs. the income/expenses to date.

Rhona previewed the GPOA’s goals for 2020, which fell into three main categories:

  1. Safety Issues
    1. Continue efforts to reduce speed on Glenburnie Drive from I-70 to Martine Luther King Blvd to 35 mph
    2. Restructure Community Watch Program
    3. Research ways to Repair/Replace Wooden Walkway through Nature Preserve
  2. Maintenance & Beautification
    1. Power Wash the walls at College entrance and Glenburnie
    2. Refurbish Greenbrier signs at College entrance and Glenburnie
    3. Install Irrigation System by Fountain on Parkway
    4. Add Plants in Bear Park
    5. Add Lighting for Fountain on Parkway
  3. Social
    1. Continue with Valentine’s Day entertainment, Burger Nights, Pig Pickin’, and Christmas Concert
    2. Do a second Arts and Crafts Exhibit if there is enough interest/art work
    3. Add an event or two to fund raise for the community, such as Breast Cancer Awareness

Terry West, current GPOA Treasurer, went over the proposed budget for 2020 that would enable the funds to carry out the GPOA goals. The budget was unanimously accepted.

Bill Stafford and Linda Dodge presented the Directory Dedication to Lou Costello for his untiring work on Drainage issues within Greenbrier.

Our two guest speakers were:

  1. Sgt Robert Holton, of the New Bern Police Department, who spoke on the Community Watch program. The GPOA is going to revitalize this program. Sgt. Holton told us that most house break-ins happen during the day while people are away from their homes. At night, the most common crime is car break-ins, so he cautioned us all to either park our cars in the garage or lock them if we leave them in the driveway.
  2. Dora Venegas, from Sonoco Recycling in Jacksonville. She reminded us that they accept paper, plastic containers, steel and aluminum cans, glass, and scrap metal. You should rinse out bottles and cans and leave the caps on empty bottles. They DO NOT ACCEPT plastic bags, shredded paper, Styrofoam, and clothing. They don’t accept these items for one of two reasons: either they don’t have a market for selling the recyclables or those materials are likely to jam their machines. She ended her presentation with a short video showing how Sonoco’s highly automated system took all the materials dumped at their site and using conveyor belts, and complex, specialized sorting machines created bales of paper, glass, crushed cans, and plastic ready to be shipped to the markets that would take these materials and turn them into new products. She said that the only items that get shipped to the landfill, unrecycled, are those items that they do not accept, namely, plastic bags, shredded paper, Styrofoam, and clothing.

Reminder: the dates for recycling are posted on the calendar on this website. They occur every fourth Thursday, unless that is a holiday, in which case they will pick up on Friday.

New Bern's New Recycling Program

Beginning in October, recyclable material will be picked up ONCE A MONTH. You should already have received the new 95-gallon lime green bin on wheels with printed material about when recycling will be picked up, what can be recycled, where to place your bin, and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).

Greenbrier follows the Yellow schedule, as indicated by the decal on the top of your bin. The once-a-month collection for the Greenbrier route will begin Thursday, October 31, 2019. Bins should be curbside by 7AM. The next collection after that will be four weeks later, which falls on Thanksgiving Day so collection will be moved to Friday, November 29th. We will add the recycle dates to the Calendar on this website.

If you have lost the printed material that came with your bin, you will find ALL the details on the new recycling program at Craven County Recycling.

Greenbrier Re-Entry Passes

During the Membership Meeting on August 10, packets of information pertaining to Disaster Preparedness and Greenbrier Re-Entry Passes were handed out. The re-entry passes should be kept in your vehicle(s) and will help police determine authorized re-entry into Greenbrier should an evacuation and subsequent re-entry become necessary.

The numbered passes are available to GPOA members as a courtesy and to Greenbrier residents who are not GPOA members at a nominal cost of $10 each. Please note: not having a re-entry pass will not deny you re-entry, but having one will make re-entry much easier for you and for the police controlling re-entry.

Recap of August 2019 Membership Meeting

The meeting was held on Saturday, August 10.

Election Results: Those present, in person and by proxy, elected two new Board members: Colleen Iacch and Terry West in a close election. Their terms will begin in September. Welcome Colleen and Terry.

Website: Dan Cashman presented the re-designed Greenbrier website and showed how to navigate it. The most popular feature is a map of Greenbrier which, when clicked on, enables immediate access to the Covenants. Congratulations to Linda Dodge, Rhona Beadle, Dan Cashman and John Robinson who worked to make this a reality.

Featured Speaker: John Robinson introduced Ms. January Brown who presented important information regarding disaster preparedness. We are looking to recreate that information and put it on the Greenbrier website. Ms. Brown urged that we, who are connected to current events through social media and the Internet take time to check in with neighbors who are not connected.

Handouts: Packages of Disaster Preparedness information along with a Greenbrier Re-Entry Permit, which will be most helpful in the event of a mandatory evacuation, were given to each household attending. We are looking to obtain more of the handout packets and distribute them in the very near future,

Recycling Program: The City of New Bern’s trash recycling program will change to once-a-month, instead of weekly, at the beginning of October. About a week prior to the changeover, residents will receive a new 95-gallon bin, together with a schedule for pick-up. Households have the option to keep the old recycling bins or turn them in.

Acceptable Items: Glass containers (all colors); aluminum and steel cans; #1PETE and #2 PETE plastics (basically anything that touches your body or mouth, i.e., shampoo and deli containers); newspaper, magazines, cardboard (no larger than 2 ft by 3 ft), detergent boxes, cereal and tissue boxes

Tips: Rinse/clean items to reduce contamination; do not recycle paper plates, napkins, greasy pizza boxes, motor oil or pesticide containers;

Do not place recycling into plastic bags. The bags will not be emptied into the sorting; they will be thrown into the garbage at the sorting station defeating your recycling efforts.

ACC Guidelines: Three of our guidelines have been updated recently. 1) Fences now allow for wood-grained vinyl and some specified fencing specifically designed to protect plants from browsing Bambi and Thumper! 2)Existing Mailboxes will be grandfathered, but new ones should comply with the specifications of the USPS. 3)The sign policy is updated and requires all signs to be placed at least six (6) feet back from the curb, except for “No Trespassing.”

For full details on all ACC guidelines, look under Documents page on this website.

We are approaching election time. Everyone has a candidate to support, but please comply by the Craven County/City of New Bern signs policy: 6 ft back from the curb, no earlier than 30 days prior to the election and no longer than 3 days after the election.

Retiring Board Members: Those present gave a standing ovation to two outgoing Board members: Linda Dodge and John Robinson who have both served their three-year terms. Bill Stafford (President for two of the three-year terms) presented Linda and John with Certificates of Appreciation, and Brier Bears.

Mailboxes, Mailboxes, Mailboxes

The United States Post Office has issued new standards for mailbox posts.  Essentially, the post must be a bit taller now and set back from the road a bit more.  This will make it easier for postal employees to reach the boxes from their trucks and make the box less likely to wreak havoc on the postal van’s mirror because the box won’t be as close to the road.

Two more side benefits: careless drivers will be less likely to plow into your mailbox and our Pony Express Delivery personnel will be less likely to almost fall out of their cars when delivering to those low-down mailboxes that are out there! (You know who you are!)

Current mailboxes are grandfathered in but when the time comes to update your mailbox, you must follow the new guidelines.

We have posted the new guidelines at Mailbox Guideline.

Take a good hard look at your mailbox.  Maybe it’s time to replace it, replace those numbers on BOTH sides that are no longer reflective, paint or stain it, put the shelf in the news box back in place so you can receive GPOA announcements. Trim those bushes that are encroaching on it like that monster plant in the play, Little Shop of Horrors.  Show some patriotism: replace that tired old flag that has turned pink, white, and baby blue instead of glorious red, white, and blue.

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