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Emerald Men’s Golf Association (MGA)

Our primary play day is Friday morning.

  • On the first, second, and fourth Fridays of each month, play is a flighted, individual low net competition.
    On the third Friday of the month, play is a flighted, two-man team, better ball competition.
  • The entry fee for these is $5.00; payouts are in the form of pro shop credits, except for the 1st Friday of each month which is a cash payout.

There also is an optional “skins” game each Friday ($3 buy-in, cash payouts). The sign-up sheet is located on the left side of the MGA bulletin board in the pro shop hallway—sign up by Thursday noon for the following Friday play day.

We have 6 or 7 tournaments throughout the year. These events will be announced 3-4 weeks in advance via email and flyers will be posted in the pro shop. The sign-up sheets for these are posted on the wall next to the deli counter in the clubhouse.

We also have meetings several times during the year. These will be announced in advance via email. Some of these will be preceded by breakfast and followed by an 18-hole mini-tournament; others will be afternoon meetings followed by a 9-hole mini-tournament and a meal.

You must have an established handicap to be eligible for prizes in our play day or tournament events (you can establish a handicap by entering five scores in the Emerald computerized handicap system). You are still welcome to play with the MGA on play days while you’re establishing a handicap (the $5 entry fee is waived until you’re eligible for payouts).

The MGA Operations Committee members for 2019 are John Cole, Craig Foskit, and Rich Petri. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to call John Cole, MGA Operations Committee at 252-635-9215.

Emerald Ladies Golf Association (ELGA)

Purpose:  To promote fellowship and friendly competition, have fun, develop new friendships, and increase golf knowledge and skills.

Membership:  Emerald Ladies Golf Association (ELGA) is open to any woman who is at least 18 years of age, is a member of The Emerald Golf Club, has an established handicap with 18- or 9-hole scores posted in the Emerald computer, and has paid her dues for the year.  Members may play in the 18-hole group or the 9-hole group after paying into the prize money pot in the Pro Shop on regular play days (Thursdays).  An additional sum for chip-ins is optional. Tournament play and special events will be assessed as per the sign-up sheet.  Members agree to abide by all USGA rules (with ELGA modifications) as well as local rules.  For more information contact the Pro Shop (252-633-4440, ex. 228) for contact information of the membership chair.


The Emerald Golf Club offers several programs for tennis on our Har-Tru courts.

  • Presently there's open play for women Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 8:00 to 10:00 AM.  These times change with the seasons.  It's not necessary to sign up in advance.
  • Currently there are no scheduled times for men during the day.
  • We're hoping to restart mixed doubles play on Saturday mornings.

Play is free for anyone with an Emerald membership.  Otherwise, there's a $10 court fee per person.  Contact Judy Rosseth for more information at 252-514-4565.

A number of men and women play in the United States Tennis Association league in the evenings.  They compete against other area tennis clubs.  Men practice Tuesday and Thursday evenings while there's practice for men and women on Monday evenings.  Contact Amy Roberts at 252-670-7099 to learn more about USTA play.

Jean Hercovici offers clinics to groups and lessons for adults or children.  Contact her through the club pro shop.

We welcome all new players.  Stop by and watch us play or call one of the above numbers for more information.

Non Sports Clubs

Greenbrier Home and Garden Club

The Home and Garden Club is an organization focused on making our surroundings a pleasant place and building friendships. Meetings are generally held on the third Monday of each month from September to May at 9:45 AM (Meet and Greet is first) at the Emerald Golf Club.

The programs cover a wide range of topics, which include various aspects of gardening and subjects related to the home; such as seasonal decorating, home decor and improving a home’s curb appeal. There are two soup-and-sandwich get-togethers held after the meetings, a December holiday luncheon and a spring luncheon, which provide opportunities to get to know each other better.

We also offer a variety of community service activities each year, some of which change from year to year. We encourage volunteerism for these projects as a chance to know our community’s needs and an opportunity to spread Greenbrier’s name in a positive way.

Membership is open to both men and women in and out of Greenbrier. One does not have to be a GPOA member to join. The dues are $20 per year, payable in September. Please join us and make some new friends! Just come to a meeting or call the Membership Chair, Alice Eddinger (252-514-2016) for more information.

Fund for Needy Children

The Fund for Needy Children (FNC) began in 1991. A group of Greenbrier ladies decided to do something to help needy families in New Bern. They raised money and began working through the school guidance counselors to identify children and families struggling to make ends meet.

Over the years, the FNC has provided eyeglasses, eye exams, food, winter coats and gloves, shoes, school supplies and other things to help children, and their families, in need. The guidance counselors identify the problem and call for help. The goal of the FNC is to provide help to needy children and their families so that the children can be successful in school.

The FNC organization holds four to five meetings a year at The Emerald clubhouse. A yearly calendar of events is established to set up fund raising events, meeting dates and other timelines. The FNC is a 501c3 tax-exempt organization with an all-volunteer membership. The finances are audited annually.

One of the primary fund-raising events is Game Day. These are held periodically during the year at The Emerald. Guests are invited to come for a light lunch and play games.

If interested contact Linda Kerr at 638-5716 or Rae Stumpf 638-6754 for more information.

Book Club

Do you like to read? Do you like to talk about what you’ve been reading lately? Then please join those of us in the New Bern Page Turners which meets here in Greenbrier at my home on the fourth Monday of each month at 10:00 a.m. We’re a very informal group of people who enjoy books in all formats: printed, e-books, or audio. Some of our past reads have been: Into the Wild by Jon Krakauer, books by NC authors, Angry Housewives Eating Bonbons by Lorna Landvik, and books about First Ladies. Call Ann Miller Mooney, 638-6465 for more information.

Shanghai Rummy Card Group

We’re a group of Shanghai Rummy players who play for fun; nothing too serious. If you’re familiar with any form of rummy with its sets (groups) and runs, you can quickly learn how to play Shanghai. And we’ll gladly have a tutoring session for you. We meet at my home in Greenbrier on the fourth Tuesday afternoon of each month. For more information, call Ann Miller Mooney, 638-6465.

The Happy Ukers

The Happy Ukers is shorthand for ‘happy ukulele strummers.’ You can’t say the word ‘ukulele’ without smiling. This group welcomes anyone who wishes to practice, perform or just enjoy playing in a group. The Ukers claim that no musical background is needed. It’s an easy instrument to play. They promise! They definitely like to laugh a lot and welcome new ukers at any time. Although they play mostly for their own pleasure and amusement, the Happy Ukers have entertained all over New Bern. So, if you want to join the fun, sing along or learn to play, it is all here in your Greenbrier community. For more information, please contact Janet Benrey at or call 252-638-5787


History of the Happy Ukers

A small group of ukulele players and want-to-be ukulele players met in 2017 at Camille Rust’s home in Greenbrier. Some of the members of the group came with experience and others had never held a uke before. Saturday after Saturday, Rust’s home was invaded with people carrying ukuleles. Rooms in her home were assigned as to their playing level. Once a new player could accomplish the C and F cords with ease, they were moved to the next room.

The group improved with each meeting and they were asked to play out of their comfort zone to an audience. It may have only been at the Farmers Market, but it was in public. The confidence among the players grew. It was decided they needed a name. Now they perform under the Happy Ukers banner.

They did a few more gigs and added a few more players and then a few more until they outgrew Rust’s home. Rust’s secured a classroom at the Craven Community College for the group. In one large room they could strum, sing and listening to each other.

For personal reasons Rust stepped down as leader and Janet Benrey stepped up. The group is growing and have performed in many venues. The Happy Ukers have entertained many groups in New Bern and under the leadership of Benrey, they are hoping to spread the fun of ukulele playing.

Clubhouse Crew


There were four of us, each a recent homeowner in the Clubhouse Drive area. We didn’t even know one another very well, but we shared a vision of a friendly, active neighborhood. Out of that mutual vision, we formed what is now called “The Clubhouse Crew.” Members either live on Clubhouse Drive or on one of the side streets.

The Clubhouse Crew has so far enjoyed two-afternoon Bunco parties featuring refreshments, laughs, and prizes. The result is that we all have gotten to know some friendly folks who we might have just passed by with barely a wave.

It is hoped that our enthusiasm and success will grow to include dinners out, group volunteer opportunities, progressive dinners and other types of game events.

If you live on Clubhouse Drive or one of its side streets and want to join, contact Linda Stout, Janet Routier, Rhona Beadle, or Emilie Zucker.

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